Our Fleet - Selected Vehicles

We use a range of vehicles to transport our passengers to the snow. We choose unique vehicles which combine first and foremost, reliability with safety and luxurious comfort and space. Many of our vehicles are uniquely selected and imported for us so that we obtain exactly what we are after for our customers.

Nissan E52 VIP Rider
6 passengers (4WD)

The E52 Elgrand Rider (2018) is Nissan's most luxurious and feature packed  van to date, existing as a showcase for some of Nissan's most advanced technologies and luxuries. Perfect for small families and executives. Features include heated front seats, full captains style aircraft seating with leg rests in first two rows, full leather Interior, dual sunroofs, dual power sliding doors, power tail gate, BOSE Speaker System with wireless headphones,front cold/hot fridge. This vehicle has a full differential lock for driving in the snow, ABS, ESP, stability control, traction control, fitted with dual front airbags,  four rear airbags, and three child anchor points - offering the ultimate in safety for your family. This vehicle seats up to 6 passengers and our lightweight POD trailer can be provided with this vehicle for additional luggage capacity..

Mercedes Sprinter Transfer
11 passengers 

This Sprinter minibus from Mercedes-Benz offers a well-equipped, modern interior and sleek exterior. Excellent for larger groups with room for 9 persons in the main cab and an additional 2 in the front. Powered by a twin turbocharged diesel engine, this vehicle provides comfortable cruising at highway speeds. This vehicle has been fully soundproofed with Dynamat soundproofing insulation and also retrofitted with heavy duty suspension to ensure maximum driving comfort for our passengers. The large boot provides enough room for all your luggage, skis and snowboards.  Safety features includes: Brake assist, Anti-skid control, EBD, ESP, Electric Step, smartbar bull bar, rear fog lights, driving lights. 

Toyota Hiace Commuter
9 passengers (4WD)

This is a luxury 4WD Toyota Commuter model we do not see in Australia, it is imported from Japan for its 4WD capabilities. Its features include coach style reclinable seating, individual climate control, cup holders for each passenger and security tinted windows. Eight  passengers fit in the back and one in the front if needed. All seats are fitted with lap-sash seatbelts and we have three child anchor points installed. A trailer will be provided. 

Higer Munro
28 Seater 

For larger groups, we are proud to offer our Higer Munro. With coach style seating, security tinted windows, individual climate control, it is the most comfortable option for those larger groups. All seats are fitted with lap-sash seatbelts for safety. As with most buses, this vehicle is not AWD/4WD, and chains will be fitted when required. However, our top of the range chains are easily and quickly fitted by our experienced drivers - which means you will be stopped for only a few minutes

Toyota Coaster
21 Seater 

Our toyota coaster deluxe bus is probably the most social of our buses as the seat height enables you to easily see and communicate with your family and friends. Features include airconditioning, automatic doors but it is not equipped with seats belts on every seat. There are two seats fitted with lap belts and child anchor points. As with most buses, this vehicle is not AWD/4WD, and chains will be fitted when required. 

Nissan Patrol Y62Ti
8 passengers (4WD)

The Nissan Patrol  (2016 ) has a long proud history and a world class reputation for versatility, capability and extreme performance. This Nissan Patrol is extremely well appointed with a distinct sense of refinement, ground breaking technology and exceptional comfort. It offers our passengers the utmost in safety, performance and is recommended for our executive class customers. This vehicle seats up to 8 passengers - up to 4 adults and 3 children. It is fitted with child anchor points and the interior is more spacious than any vehicle in its class. You will not be disappointed with the quiet and smooth ride that this vehicle offers.

Nissan El Grand E51
6 passengers (4WD)

The Nissan El Grand is as the name suggests! The motor in this vehicle VQ35 has been voted by international motoring industries as the most reliable engine in the market for the last 10 years . This AWD vehicle offers luxury leather seats, dual air control, double remote controlled automatic sliding doors, security tinted windows, automatic curtains, ABS brakes, traction control, full differential lock and a snow setting (for changing gearing ratios). It is fully fitted with child restraints. This vehicle is designed for the harsh Japanese winters and is their most popular luxury people mover. This vehicle seats 6 passengers comfortably and our stylish and lightweight POD trailer can be provided with this vehicle for additional luggage capacity..

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Nissan E52 Rider Side

Dual power sliding doors and keyless entry